If products could talk

Thursday 13th December 2012





Dr Alan Knight, Sustainability Director, Business in the Community
Mike Berners-Lee, Director, Small World Consulting




Dr Alan Knight is Sustainability Director at Business in the Community (BITC) where he has responsibility for a variety of business and consumer facing campaigns, aiming to drive the transformational change required for a sustainable future. Alan has nearly 20 years’ experience of working with global and national companies, as well as with governments, on sustainability. For nine years he was a commissioner with the Sustainable Development Commission.  Before joining BITC, Alan was an advisor to businesses and government with expertise in corporate sustainability, product centric sustainability and public policy.  He has worked with companies as diverse as Virgin Group, B&Q, Kingfisher, SABMiller, Coca Cola, Body Shop, the Alberta Oil Sands Industry and has served on several Government advisory groups. Alan chairs the UK Task Force on Peat, is a panellist on the UK Independent Panel on Forestry and is a founder of the Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers (GACSO).  In 1998 he was awarded the OBE.

Mike Berners-Lee is director and principal consultant at Small World Consulting. Small World is a sustainability consultancy, with a particular focus on climate change, the most clearly presenting symptom of an unsustainable society. Expert in greenhouse gas footprinting and organisation development, author of How Bad Are Bananas?:The carbon footprint of everything.


  • Stakeholder communications – Your product and sustainability: what do your customers want to know?
  • Sustainability strategies – Sustainability and Responsibility Standards and Guidelines e.g. GRI, AA1000, BITC – Their applicability and usefulness in supporting the development of a sustainability strategy.
  • Resource efficiency –  Resource efficiency products – the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Social responsibility – How do you choose? Fairtrade or carbon footprint?
  • Supply chain – How do we ensure traceability?
  • Sustainable buildings and technologies – Sustainability and whole life costs: how can we make all the costs visible?

You can find a write up of the event on our blog.