Social impacts in the supply chain

Thursday 12th June 2014


Mallen Baker, Managing Director of Daisywheel and Business Respect
David Morrell, Group Head of Sustainability, Marshalls plc


Mallen Baker is a writer and speaker on corporate social responsibility and Managing Director of web design and digital agency Daisywheel Interactive. He is responsible for the Business Respect email newsletter on CSR, which is the longest running CSR internet newsletter in the world.

He is a regular columnist and contributing editor with Ethical Corporation. Mallen was formerly the development director with Business in the Community, where he was responsible for developing BITC’s approach to marketplace issues, which includes how companies manage issues that arise around their core products and services. He produced the Marketplace Responsibility Principles working with a leadership team of CEOs from major companies headquartered in the UK.

He initiated the Business Impact Review Group – the group of 20
companies who developed a common approach to CSR reporting, and was responsible for the work of the Business Impact Taskforce which produced the landmark “Winning with Integrity” report.
Mallen chaired Kingfisher plc’s Stakeholder Advisory Panel 2007-2010, and was a board member of CSR Europe 2006 – 2008.

David Morrell is Group Head of Sustainability at Marshalls plc a role that also includes the management of the Group Intellectual Property. After studying Civil and Structural Engineering he specialised in Highways and Transportation. After a period of working in the Highway department and Structural department of two Local Authorities he joined Marshalls. At Marshalls he has developed his career from Technical Support, Management Systems, Product Management, New Product Development and took up his current post in 2008.

David has written a few papers on the design of Sustainable Urban Drainage Pavements and sits on the British Standard Committee for Hard Landscaping Products and has twice been Chair of the technical committee of the industry council. David is the past chair of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Stone Working Group focusing on the delivery of better conditions for vulnerable worker in our supply chain. David represents the Company’s shareholding interests in an International Product Design House based in Germany.

Outside of work David can be found on the moors walking his dogs, in the kitchen finessing his cooking skills or burning fuel on the race tracks of Europe.


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