March 2015’s NWSBQ: Roundtable notes

photo 3 smallHere’s a brief synopsis of each discussion:

Energy – should we count the cost in cash or carbon?

The recession has made cash even more tight than ever, and at present there is a perceived conflict between the “treehugging” case and the business case. We discussed the idea of trying to link carbon and cash and introducing a carbon tax as, at present, imports are made cheaper than home products as they are not trying to reduce their carbon usage.

Energy Policy- is the UK doing enough?

Energy policy does not currently exist in a meaningful way within the UK. It is hard to see where the political lead on energy policy will come from. The idea of devolution to professional bodies was discussed.

Is behaviour change the best tool in the energy efficiency box?

Behaviour change does work and auditing the changes will reinforce decisions. There was a debate about whether we should legislate to force change or wait for organic change. If we go down the legislative route how do we enforce this change in behaviour? Should we be investing money in buildings, or building users, to reduce our carbon usage?

What will it take to put energy management at the heart of British business?

Energy management is relevant to all businesses. It is more prevalent in energy intensive businesses. It is important for businesses to become risk resilient as all businesses are vulnerable and there is a risk to business growth if energy is not properly managed. Legislation is currently driving businesses with a stick approach and there is no perceived carrot.

Is water the next big issue?

There was no clear-cut conclusion as the question was covered from many angles. There are a lot of different approaches to water and it is one of a number of issues.

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