Event sustainability

The sustainability of our sustainability event

All events have an impact on people and the planet. And as promoting sustainability is the purpose of our NWSBQ event – and our entire business – it’s vital that we lead by example. We want to do our best to minimise the negative, and maximise the positive, impacts of NWSBQ.

We haven’t sought certification to the ISO20121 Sustainable Event Management standard, but we’re confident that we organise and run the event in a holistically sustainable way. Here are some examples of the ways in which we are considering the impacts of NWSBQ:

  • We hold our event in the North West for people in the North West (and further afield!) – most sustainability events happen in London and so we’re saving people lots of travel-related money, minutes and miles by basing it in the North.
  • We get our buffet from GoodMoodFood – a Manchester-based social enterprise which provides volunteering and employment opportunities to people with mental health problems. They use locally-produced foods and make everything from scratch; all of their catering packaging gets reused too. We make sure that none of the leftover food goes to waste.
  • All of the tea and coffee is Fairtrade. We source fairtrade wine too.
  • We don’t use any disposable food and drinks ware – it’s real glasses and plates for everyone who comes along.
  • We avoid unnecessary printing and print all the materials we need on 100% recycled paper.
  • We reuse materials whenever we can, i.e. badges and signage.
  • We hold the event in an easy-to-get-to venue, so that it’s actually easier to arrive by public transport than it is by car. We also monitor the method of transport people use to get to us. Our venue allows bikes to be stored outside their building. On average, over 70% of attendees travel to the event by public transport or on foot.
  • Bruntwood provide us with our fantastic venue – and they are doing some great things to help people and the planet themselves. You can have a look what they’re doing here.
  • We consider our impact in all of our business operations – have a look at our latest sustainability report for more information.
  • We are partnering with Green Earth Appeal for 2016, who have pledged to plant a tree for every attendee who joins us on the evening – see our most recent certificate here – NWSBQ Certificate

Of course, we know there’s always room for improvement. Please let us know if you have any ideas on how we can further improve the impacts of this event: nwsbq@anthesisgroup.com